Accent Realtor’s Vision

Our company vision is to educate our clients and communicate in such a way that they can make the best decisions for themselves and their families. Along with staying well educated about the market, we use a system that we call OCR. OCR is an acronym of Options, Consequences and Recommendations. Making major decisions is very difficult for most people. Once money and emotions get added in the mix making a decision can be very overwhelming. OCR breaks decision making down into manageable parts.

The following are the steps we take for OCR:
1. Discuss all available options with our clients based on circumstance and their specific needs
2. Look at all consequences of each option or choices. (Generally there are no more than 3 options)
3. Give our recommendations based on our years of experience and the needs of our clients
4. Have client make the decision they feel most comfortable with and feel would be best for them and their families.
5. Support our client in their decision
If we have done our job correctly providing OCR we have found 99% of the time our clients make great decisions because they get education they need to focus on their needs. It is what we call a WIN-WIN.

Thank you,
Paul Wheeler

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