Paul Wheeler’s Tulsa, OK Real Estate Update

Tulsa Real Estate Update- I’m getting a lot of questions about what’s happening in the market and wanted to give a brief overview of what I’m seeing out there. Currently, our pool of Tulsa home buyers is much smaller than it has been in the past and our listing inventory is fairly high. Five years ago, we had about 4000 homes on the market and this last winter we topped 8000. It’s the old law of supply and demand and we are in a strong buyers market which means theTulsa home buyers have more choices and this will tend to put a little downward pressure on prices. I still believe we not in a terrible selling market, just different and changing monthly. Everything is relative though and we are so much better off than the rest of the country. As far as the buyer market goes, I’ve never seen a better buyers market in my 17 years in the business.

So, is it a good time to put your Tulsa home on the market? I still think the answer is yes if you need to move.  This isn’t the market where you will make a million dollars on your Tulsa home sale, but you won’t need to give it away either. Our average market time is still only 28 days on the market for everything we are selling and our list to sales price ratio is right at 98%. If you do the right things, which are marketing aggressively, staging aggressively and pricing competitively, then you will still sell and sell quickly. Call me if you have any questions, we would love to help you in selling your Tulsa homesBroken Arrow homesBixby homesOwasso homes and Skiatook homes.

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