Small Fixes, Big Impact.

If you need to sell your Tulsa homeBroken Arrow homeBixby homeOwasso home or Skiatook home fast and for good money, you can be sure that staging is the key to your success.

Today, we will focus on the small things, you know, these things that we don’t even pay attention to because we are so used to them! Staging doesn’t have to be a big expense. When people hear ‘staging’, they think ‘furniture, accessories, art, colors’. Yes, it’s true, these things are essential but before all this; small fixes and little touch ups can make a big difference for prospective buyers. Most of them are looking for a Tulsa home in move-in condition. They certainly don’t want to tackle one project after another and I am sure you’re not going to let these small details ruin your sale.

Here are a few examples:

  • Make sure that your shower curtain in 100% clean. If Tulsa buyers see a dirty shower curtain, they might think that it reflects the entire house. A nice white curtain makes a bathroom look impeccable. This is a very inexpensive staging tip.
  • One weekend you started putting up chair rail and molding in a room but didn’t finish. Well, it happens to everyone, but make sure you have no unfinished projects on open house day.
  • Your door bell doesn’t work? Remember, buyers will make up their mind very quickly so everything must be perfect! Installing a new door bell is really quick and inexpensive. (I recommend a wireless door bell). This, along with a freshly painted mailbox (if needed), will make a great first impression.
  • Don’t forget to fix any dripping faucet, replace broken doorknobs and clean dirty spots on carpeted areas. These little tricks will make your house do-it-yourself projects free for potential Tulsa buyers, and that’s just what they like!

Plus, you won’t have to worry about those little things anymore because they no longer exist!

Remember, staging is not about hiding the flaws of your Tulsa home but to showcase its best features.
Staging tip of the week: This is a DO NOT. Never put a rug on top of carpet when you stage your Tulsa homes for sale. Buyers could think that you are trying to hide something!

Good luck!
Virginie Gill, Certified Staging Expert
Owner of Voila Design

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