Are you ready for the next storm?

Hi!  My name is Gary, your local insurance broker with

Do you recall the last catastrophic hailstorm?  I do!  It was 12 years ago… 2008 to be precise, and it took months to get all the roofing claims completed.  What a crazy time!

Is your homeowner insurance policy ready to help you during the next catastrophic hailstorm or tornado?  You should have your homeowner insurance policy reviewed at least every 3 years to ensure you are covered.  When is the last time you did that?

Specifically, you need to check your current roof coverage.  Insurers across the state may change your roof coverage from Replacement Cost Valuation (RCV) to Actual Cash Value (ACV) over time, which means you may not have enough insurance funds to replace 100% of your roof in a covered claim.  For a Free No Obligation Policy Review, please email or call 918.830.4294.

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