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This holiday season there is a lot we can do to help those in need in the Tulsa, Ok area.  Among the different types of charities there are a number of food drives that need our help so they can provide food for the less fortunate.  There are so many different opportunities to give back to our community and giving the people who need our help most is one of the best ways to do so.  This season there is an abundance of business’s who are helping to make those in need a little less hungry.  Sprouts, The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma, and many more are participating in some kind of way to make this happen.


Sprouts is giving us the opportunity to participate in their annual Grab ‘n Give holiday food drive.  This event allows us to shop around the store and donate bags of groceries for a 10% discount.  They then take the bags and give them to the local food bank.  This is just such a great way to give back.  You are already going to be at the store and all you have to do is pick up a few extra items to donate.  It’s that easy, but for more information, click the link:

The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma

The Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma is a food bank that is always looking for support all year round, but during this holiday season would love any extra support they can get.  They provide over 335,000 extra meals to people who are hungry in Oklahoma each week.  Isn’t that amazing?! During this season, every dollar you donate, the company will match it with two dollars more! Also, The Food Bank is hosting a Turkey Day Run! So come on out and help The Food Bank fight hunger on Thanksgiving! For more information about donating or the Turkey Run, click the link:

1 in 6 people in Oklahoma suffer from hunger.  During this Holiday Season it is important that we let our giving spirits known by doing what we can for people in need.  These are great opportunities to show your care for people, but there is so much more we can do!  There are over 20 places in the Tulsa area where you can find a place to donate food or other needed items.  There is so much we can do to make sure that those who are on the streets or are just in need of a good meal have all they need over the holidays.  It doesn’t take much to make people happy.  This quote by Mario Batali says a lot, “Unlike curing cancer or heart disease, we already know how to beat hunger: food.”

Needless to say, this holiday season, make sure you reach out and help those who are in need in our community.

By: Alaina Molinar

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