Trick or Treating Safety Tips

This Halloween it is important that everyone stays safe while they are out and about Trick or Treating.  We have researched some great safety tips and have come up with these as our Top 10:

1. Before going out for the night, make sure that you talk with your family about what kind of route you plan to take when walking around the neighborhood.  This will ensure a safe game plan when your out and about.

2. This is a must! Wear your most comfortable shoes! No one wants to be walking around for hours on end in high heels or sandals. Make sure you know what shoes fit you best and remember to wear them for your night of pain free fun!

3. Always make sure you have some sort of light with you. Whether it be a flashlight, or taping reflective tape to your child’s costume, make sure you have that source of light.

4.Make sure that your child’s costume fits them appropriately. Avoid wearing masks and keep the length of the costume short to avoid constantly tripping over it through out the night.

5. Always walk on the sidewalks whenever it is possible. If there is no sidewalk available then walk on the far edge of the road where you are facing traffic.

6. When you are making your crosses from street to street, always cross at the cross walk.

7.  Adult supervision is a must for all kids 12 and under.

8. Never enter a house for candy.

9. Walk in well let areas of your neighborhood. It’s a lot safer considering that cars will actually be able to see you.

10. Whenever you get home make sure you look over your children’s candy and make sure there is nothing already open or home made.

We hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!

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