Real Estate Recovery

Some of our team members and I just returned from a fantastic real estate conference in Phoenix called Breakthrough 2013. Having been through a down market for the last several years in real estate, the overall theme of the conference was on recovery. It was so refreshing. Since 2007 we have had to adjust, adapt, streamline and make everything more efficient to stay profitable. We lost hundreds of Realtors in our Tulsa real estate market and even lost a few of our big name, long standing real estate companies to buy outs. But now, with our low interest rates, shrinking inventory, recovering economy and buyer pool size, we are finally seeing the first signs of recovery. So what did they really tell us in Phoenix? They reminded us of the value of relationships. They reminded us that great communication is more important than ever. 90% of all communication is still offline. They reminded us not to take life too seriously and that laughter is still the best medicine and last but not least, they reminded us to not let the pain or challenges of the past blind us from the promise of tomorrow.

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