Mortgage Interest Rates In The US Continue To Defy

Mortgage interest rates in the US continue to defy all odds and remain slightly below the 5% range for a 30-yr fixed rate loan.  Below are the average interest rates and APR’s being charged by some of America’s leading mortgage servicers:

30-Yr Fixed                    4.810%     4.925%
30-Yr Fixed FHA            5.125%     5.850%
15-Yr Fixed                    4.250%     4.470%
5-Yr ARM                       3.750%     3.519%
5-Yr ARM FHA               3.750%     3.342%
Jumbo Loans:
30-Year Fixed                5.500%     5.643%
5-Year ARM                   5.000%     3.930%

Remember that these rates will not necessarily reflect the rates offered to every borrower. Rates vary depending on the borrowers financial situation and the way they have managed debt in the past.  We recommended reputable lenders.  Call us (665-8559) if you need contact information for a reputable lender.

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