From “Blah” To “Wow”! (Part 2)

Last week was about how to get your kitchen ready before the open house; this week, we will talk about the second most important room in your house: the bathroom.

This is a list of some tips you will need:

• Carpets, mats and toilet seat need to go. They simply don’t look clean and they are sometimes responsible for bad smells.

• “Let the sunshine in”. If there is a window in your bathroom, you need to pull up the blinds or shades and if you have any privacy issue, you might want to frost the glass with a film or with a can of paint.

• Tile and grout MUST be spotless; so clean, clean and clean again! If the grout is old, it might be discolored in some places. No need to worry, I have a quick fix for that! Go to your hardware store and ask for a “grout pen”, this thing is magic! But remember, it’s just for touch ups; if you need to re-grout everything, do it. It will pay off in the end.

Buyers are looking for a spa-like bathroom, the kind of bathroom where they will be able to relax after a long day at work.

• Accessorizing is the key to a well-staged bathroom:

  1. Buy a couple of fresh fluffy bath and hand towels.
  2. A candle or two displayed on the shelves, tub or vanity will create a relaxing atmosphere.
  3. You need a clean shower curtain, but try not to get anything too overwhelming for the space. A nice neutral with a simple pattern will do the job.

• Also, clear out the clutter; it will distract buyers. Again, less is more in this case; especially in one of the smallest spaces in the house.

And for the last touch, add freshly-cut, colorful flowers in a simple glass vase and Voilà, your bathroom is ready to impress potential buyers!

Staging tips of the week:
If you have a mirror without a frame in your bathroom, don’t replace it. Just work with it. Did you know that you could buy molding at the hardware store and ask them to cut it to size? Then, apply some heavy duty glue and you got yourself a custom-framed mirror for a fraction of the cost!

Good luck!
Virginie Gill, Certified Staging Expert
Owner of Voila Design

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