The First Impression

The first impression is very important when you are selling your Tulsa home. When I hear “first impression”, I think “curb appeal”. An attractive curb appeal is critical if you want to sell fast.

If your house doesn’t look good from the outside, chances are that Tulsa buyers won’t even stop to visit it. In order to show how beautiful the inside is, your Tulsa home needs to catch the potential buyers’ eyes right away. A few little changes go a long way.

Below are a few solutions you can adopt:

  • Clean up; rake leaves and kill weeds. Trash cans and cars should be out of sight because you want people to focus on your house and nothing else.
  • Add color to spice up the front of the house. Simple but colorful flowers, foliage and fresh mulch are all you need to make potential buyers feel welcome.

The impression the front door area makes is crucial. Tulsa buyers have plenty of time to look around and notice the flaws while waiting for the agent to unlock the door. Therefore you should:

  • Replace the house numbers (if needed) or spray paint them black.
  • Replace mailbox if dated or spray paint it black to freshen it up.
  • Make sure your doorbell works.
  • Add a welcome door mat.

Last but not least, don’t forget to clean up the windows to maximize natural light.

All this should help you make an amazing first impression. Your curb appeal will show nicely, your Tulsa home will look well maintained and buyers will be eager to discover the inside.

Staging tip of the week:

To clean your windows inside and out, you need a window cleaner along with a squeegee. Use a vertical motion on one side and a horizontal motion on the other. That way, you will know what side streaks are on for follow-up cleaning.

Good luck!
Virginie Gill, Certified Staging Expert
Owner of Voila Design

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