Accent’s Monthly Email Contest

Accent’s Monthly Email Question winners for the past 6 months:
All of these winners won $100 cash or a prize equivalent to $100!
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November: Megan Zetik
Correctly answered the question – In the article Unsung Heroes what was Accent Recognized for? answer: Accent was recognized for the moving van that they make available to any charitable organization free of charge.

October: Mike Todd
Correctly answered the question – How many Buyer Specialists are currently with the Accent Team? answer: at the time 6, as of today the answer is 10

September: Crystal Fulton
Correctly answered the question – How many service providers are recommened by Accent through our Preferred Vendor Program? answer: 19

August: Chris Wilson
Correctly answered the question – On Accent’s new website, what neighborhood is spotlighted? answer: Seven Lakes I

July: David Alvarez
Correctly answered the question – What is the percentage difference in sales volume between the Accent Team in 2010 and the second most successful team in Tulsa area for 2010? answer: 35%

June: Aaron Beck
Correctly answered the question – According to the article by Jim Stovall, what personality attribute does Paul possess? answer: a high I.Q. (implementation quotient)