Thanks to Everyone Who Made Our Shredding Event a Success in Tulsa!

We are thrilled to report that our recent shredding event was a great success and we just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came out to support us!

For those of you who might not know, we hosted a community shredding event on April 25. More than 75 people came out to support the event by bringing items they wanted shredded.

More than just a place to securely dispose of important documents, however, our event was a way to get to get more connected with the community.

After all, we also provided face painting for the kids along with child-friendly games and free refreshments.

It was wonderful getting to enjoy the great weather, hang out with our neighbors and also give back to the community at large. So thanks for everyone’s help in making the event a success.

Did You Happen to Attend Our Shredding Event?

Then please make sure to head over to our Community Events page to see if you’re in any of the pictures we took at the event.

The page also has some great information about other past events we’ve held in the region.

Giving Back to the Community is Part of What We Do

We here at Accent Realtors believe not only in delivering quality real estate services to the community but also making the area better as a whole. That’s why we pride ourselves on regularly hosting events like the recent shredding event.

We hope you get a chance to check out our next event. For now, if you’re interested in buying or selling real estate anytime soon in the Tulsa area, make sure to contact us at Accent Realtors. We’d be happy to assist you!

Until next time,


Last Minute Christmas Gift List

When you don’t receive a Christmas list or you do receive a list, it just isn’t elaborate enough; everyone knows it can be a pain to try to pick something out for that certain loved one.  Well, this year we are going to try and make that a little bit easier for you.  We are going to provide a list of perfectly suitable gifts sorted by age and gender.  We hope that this will be a tremendous help!

We researched all of the top toys that were being purchased this holiday season and put together a great list for you to choose from.  These are gifts range in age from 2-18!

Ages 2-4

Girls: Fur real Friends, Toy medical bag play set, and stuff animals

Boys: Home Depot toy Tool Box Kit, Hot Wheels, and Thomas and Friends Trains

Both: Leapfrog Products, Mega Blocks, and a Mr. Potato Head

Ages 5-7

Girls: Barbie dolls, Disney Princess dress up, and American Girl Dolls

Boys: Nerf Guns, Lincoln Logs, and Hex bugs

Both:  Legos, a scooter, and an art kit

Ages 8-11

Girls: Nerf Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster, Disney Frozen princess “Elsa” Doll

Boys: Ultra Stomp Rocket, Perplexus-Epic, and Snap Circuit Jr.

Both: Headbandz board game, Boogie Board, and Kinetic Sand

Ages 12-14

Girls: Karaoke Machine, the Hunger Games Trilogy, and Hairchalk

Boys: Made by Dad, Ballista Kit, and Skateboard

Both: Klutz The Encyclopedia of Immaturity, Edible Chemistry Kit, Apples to Apples

Ages 15-18

Girls: Hair Wrap and Braid Kit, Diana Camera, and Infinity scarves

Boys: Amplifying Phone Case, Scratch Map Globe, and A Prank a Day memo pad

Both: Bluetooth Droplet Speaker, custom sneaker kit, and a portable emergency phone charger.

What would be a great gift for any age?  How about a new home? J Remember Accent Realtors when you decide to buy or sell in the Tulsa, OK area!

Well there you have it, a list of some of the top presents to buy those whose lists just weren’t good enough.  We hope this has been a great help for you and we wish a very merry holiday season!

By : Alaina Molinar

Paul Wheeler’s Vision Story

A Greater Purpose

As the owner of Accent Realtors, I would like to share a story about the creation of Accent Realtors.

My quest began when I was a young man, just 17.  I was frustrated and left home between my junior and senior years of high school looking for guidance, direction, mentors, and my life’s calling and passion.  I met many people, worked different jobs, and traveled to many places.  I learned many things but three things stood out to me.

The first thing I learned was that I wanted to be happy.  I found that the happiest people I encountered were people making a difference in the lives of others.  They were giving back and helping out.  They were focused on more than just their basic needs.   I wanted to be like that.   In my travels I had met a great deal of people in need of a helping hand.  Many of them were young people needing guidance and directions.   I decided that if I was very productive, invested my money well and saved 50% of everything I ever made in the first half of my life, I could start a charitable foundation.  Then I could spend my later years championing the education and guidance of young families and children to allow them to live the best lives possible.  I dreamed of donating millions of dollars to these causes.  I now had a vision.

The second thing I learned was that I needed to be educated and be an expert in whatever I did.  Experts were able to effect the most change.  Knowledge and the use of great knowledge will still change the world.  So I went to college, paying my own way.  I became a lifelong learner and still read 100 books per year.  My areas of focus were and still are being a better business owner, better husband, better father, and now I’m educating myself on charitable foundations.  I now had a plan.

The third thing I learned was that in order to accomplish these goals, I had to be a business owner.   Being a business owner allowed me the leverage to create something bigger than I could on my own.  If I and my team of experts served enough people exceptionally well, we would have the funds to create my vision of a charitable foundation.  I now had a passion.

I arrived in Tulsa, OK with $200 to my name and started on my life’s work.  I had 3 jobs within a week and had enrolled in college.  Luckily, I only needed four hours of sleep a night.  While still in college, majoring in business, I bought a few properties as a way to start creating wealth for the foundation.  I found that the buying process and later the selling process was less than desirable and had many flaws.  A light bulb came on and I thought “Aha, there must be a better way”.  One year later, Accent Realtors was born and became a vehicle for achieving our dream of the charitable foundation.  From there, I created the best, most productive experience possible for our clients with a team of talented, passionate people and a vision of a greater purpose. Our clients hire us because we are experts in real estate.  They also know that by doing business with us they are helping reach the vision to better our community and affect the lives of local families, children, and charities. Our clients get the best real estate team in town and get to be heroes for our community and those in need.

Thanks for letting me share.

Paul Wheeler

Accent’s Monthly Email Contest

Accent’s Monthly Email Question winners for the past 6 months:
All of these winners won $100 cash or a prize equivalent to $100!
If you want to be included in our email contest, simply send your email address to

November: Megan Zetik
Correctly answered the question – In the article Unsung Heroes what was Accent Recognized for? answer: Accent was recognized for the moving van that they make available to any charitable organization free of charge.

October: Mike Todd
Correctly answered the question – How many Buyer Specialists are currently with the Accent Team? answer: at the time 6, as of today the answer is 10

September: Crystal Fulton
Correctly answered the question – How many service providers are recommened by Accent through our Preferred Vendor Program? answer: 19

August: Chris Wilson
Correctly answered the question – On Accent’s new website, what neighborhood is spotlighted? answer: Seven Lakes I

July: David Alvarez
Correctly answered the question – What is the percentage difference in sales volume between the Accent Team in 2010 and the second most successful team in Tulsa area for 2010? answer: 35%

June: Aaron Beck
Correctly answered the question – According to the article by Jim Stovall, what personality attribute does Paul possess? answer: a high I.Q. (implementation quotient)

2011 Angel Tree

Our 2011 Angel Tree has arrived! Be an Angel this holiday season – provide a gift to a child who may otherwise not receive one. If you don’t want the hassle of Mall traffic, stop by our office and select a child to sponsor from our tree. You can be in and out of our office in one minute. We are located at 4625 S. Harvard Ave. and our doors are open from 8-5 Monday through Friday. We are proud to again participate in this wonderful program!